We’ve heard from our clients that one of the biggest things setting us apart from our competitors—other agencies and online service providers—is how we work with your teams.

No, we won’t let you sign up for our services with just a click online. No, we won’t give you a quote without stepping foot in your space. No, we won’t even agree to working with you instantly. We want to meet you face-to-face, experience the aesthetic of your business, and know that we’re a good fit for a partnership with you.

When we’re first getting to know each other, we split up our conversations into two meetings—here’s how they go:

PART 1: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

This is just a general presentation of who we are, without us selling or pricing anything. The entire initial meeting usually only lasts 15-20 minutes.

We tell you about our services.

If you’ve reached out to us, you probably already know that you need well-chosen, professional music in your business. What you may not know, however, is that you also need acoustic sound treatment to manage the sound pollution that’s getting in the way of your perfect business environment.

We never pressure clients to use services that they don’t want or don’t have room for in their budget, but it’s important that we show you all the ways that we can perfect the experience of your space. Hey—maybe you’ll grow into all the services we offer, and maybe you’ll only need one service. Either way, we want you to know that you’ve got the option to work with one provider that can meet a wide variety of your business’s needs.

PART 2: Let’s Put a Plan Together

Our second meeting will be longer, and we’ll really get into the nitty-gritty of how we can work together.

We have an in-depth conversation about what you want for your business.

We want to know your goals. How do you see your business? How do you want others to see your business? Who are your ideal customers? What is your busiest times of day?

We’ll work with you to create a long list of adjectives that describe your business, then we work together to narrow that list down to a shorter list of ideal adjectives.

We make a plan.  

Once we see how our services can help you achieve your goals, we map out our options. We can make successful plans with a variety of options—at any price range. We totally customize our offerings to fit your needs!

Ready to make your plan?

Contact one of our many locations to set up your initial appointment with our team of experts.