“Gesture Media” seems to be the buzz in the audio/visual industry, but how exactly does it work?

With gesture technology, those presenting at big events, conferences, or meetings, can stop worrying about clicking the “next” arrow on their computer, holding a clicker while they speak, or depending on an assistant to know when to move to the next slide in the presentation.

Instead, the speaker will manipulate the presentation with the movement of their body. Think Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360, which used sensor chips in a camera to detect motion and take video gaming to the next level. The same idea applies to the gesture technology being implemented in presentation technology.

Truly Interactive Media

When a presenter uses the technology, their speech becomes instantly interactive.

In an example from a conference hosted by the Association of the United States Army, the presenter was able to manipulate his slideshow with his hands. According to this article, the presenter could “push the timeline up and down in virtual space, stop it with their palm, hold over a key event, and then it would drill in and show media from that event.”

Having trouble imagining what this looks like in front of a room of people? Check out this video from Myo for Presentations. Pretty crazy, right?

Technologies like these have evolved greatly in the few years since they were first introduced, and businesses like ours are getting excited about the opportunities our clients will have to incorporate this new element into their audio/visual experience.

Take Conferences to the Next Level

In conference centers this technology, paired with the advances being made in multi-touch technology, will allow multiple presenters to lead their audience through a completely collaborative and interactive experience, all on the same screen.

The days of static slides are over.

Expect presentations to become as intuitive as the people giving them, and more captivating than ever!

The future of audio/visual solutions is absolutely limitless. Businesses that have embraced these technologies and used them to their advantage have a significant upper hand on their competition—are you being left behind?

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