Looking to build your dream home theatre? Finding a quality HD projector is probably at the top of your list, but the number of projectors available (don’t even get me started on their available features) can make the search intimidating.

Start here with these key points, and you’ll be enjoying your theater in no time.


The resolution of a projector determines the detail of the content you’re displaying. Higher resolution projectors will be able to display content in much higher detail, which translates into a better picture.

Rule of thumb is: the higher the resolution, the more the projector is going to cost, but the cost is justified because of the picture quality. 1080p resolution projectors are most commonly recommended for home theaters, but a 720p projector will still give you a good picture if you’re on a budget.


For home theaters, brighter is not better. The ideal brightness of a projector is the amount necessary to produce enough light to have decent contrast without causing eyestrain.

The necessary brightness of projectors will depend entirely on your surroundings. A room with more ambient light will need a higher brightness setting on the projector, but most home theaters are designed to be darker to enhance viewing quality.


According to Projector Central, contrast is the most important measurable quality in a home theater projector.  Contrast is the difference in brightness between the brightest and darkest parts of an image, and this is what gives depth to video images. Of course, raising contrast level is essentially useless if the viewing room is not dark enough.

As mentioned above, having more ambient light means you have to raise the brightness of your projector, which reduces the overall contrast, which will make images appear flat.


Although last on our list, setting a budget for your projector is a great place to start. Setting parameters will help you narrow your options, which is helpful considering the number quality projectors on the market. While the idea of weeding through all these devices can be intimidating, the amount can be good for your budget. Fierce competition means cheaper prices for better quality projectors.

Most projectors will fall within the $1,500 – $2,000 range, but you can find still something great for $1,000 or less, depending on the features you want.

Having things like an interactive projector, one that’s wireless ready, quieter during operation or 3D capable will cost you a little extra, but these extra qualities are not as crucial considerations to the viewing experience as the ones we’ve covered above.

Doing research on available products is a great place to start when looking for your projector, but consulting an expert is the best way to make sure you’re getting a system that best fits your needs. South Central A\V is happy to help you find your next projector; contact us to discuss your options to find an affordable solution.

For more information on choosing your new projector, visit Projector Central