Guess what past humans? The future is now. That’s right. One of the biggest themes in past portrayals of the future was the “smart house”. The house that could turn it’s own lights on and off with motion sensors, the house that could tell you what your pet really does when you’re away and the house that could regulate it’s own temperature.

What was once a dream is now becoming a reality; while more homes are becoming smarter, many offices and public buildings are technological laggards.

Already on the market, SmartThings sells a hub that connects your devices to the Internet so they can be controlled from your smartphone. This hub is only $99, and can detect when things like home and garage doors and windows are open, meaning you know when your child is home safely or if there’s an intruder in your house.

While these technologies are booming for home, the smart office solutions are more about how you do business, rather than this type of technology that focuses on how your business runs.

Wouldn’t something that can help regulate your energy be useful for businesses where electricity often flows 24/7? Office and parking lot lights can be turned off with lack of movement, air conditioning can be controlled with your phone, and doors can lock (and stay locked) once everyone leaves.

Don’t worry about keeping up with a lot of devices for this type of control, either. SmartHomes and SmartOffices are integrated with mesh networks, so one control panel or phone will be able to serve as a universal remote for your whole house.

While this type of whole office control is likely to be ready for mass consumption by 2017, there are updates you can make now to integrate technology into your business. State-of-the-art technology is South Central A\V’s magnum opus. Let us help your business stay on the cutting edge.