More people are trading their cable subscription for a monthly online streaming plan, but most people still want something larger than a computer or tablet screen to watch on.

If all it takes is a wireless streaming system or HDMI cord to enjoy your favorite show, both televisions and projectors will get the job done. There are pros and cons to each, so which should you choose?

Our friends at CNET made a handy guide that still proves helpful, even two years after it was updated. If you’re having trouble deciding what would be best for you, this article covers the pros and cons of projectors and large TVs, while incorporating elements you may not have thought about already like audio, cables, noise and total cost.

If you’re searching for a projector, TV or something else for your home, this is a great place to start. For your business, the best place to start is with SCAV. The screens necessary for video conferencing, CCTV, and large AV systems can vary greatly depending on your exact needs, and we specialize in finding solutions to your specific needs.