March is unofficially Digital Signage Month at SCAV in honor of the Digital Signage Expo (starting today!) in Las Vegas. Our team is excited to be there, learning the latest from a quickly evolving industry.

Smart technology, like the phones and tablets we cling to, makes the mass adoption of digital signage faster and better. One unexpected place where digital signage is making a big splash is with brick and mortar stores.

As shown in this Digital Signage Today Article, the Rebecca Minkoff flagship store is introducing the latest technology in a very modern way by presenting it as subtly as possible.

The Rebecca Minkoff Store, named for the designer, opened their 5th location with “Connected Glass” shopping walls, which allow the shopper to make retail selections from the glass of their dressing room. The shopper will then receive a text when their room is ready, with all the items they’ve selected already placed in the room by sales associates.

Partnered with eBay, Minkoff’s New York City store is the first of her’s to use this technology. Shoppers will begin a shopping session by selecting items and requesting a dressing room via the touch screen glass, and once in the dressing room can summon retail associates, different items or purchase them. If a shopper chooses to purchase, they will be emailed a receipt on the spot.

As you can see, interactivity is the name of the game, and digital signage has come a long way from scrolling message signs. Would you want this technology in your retail experience? Read the full article on Digital Signage Today.