The year is 2004, and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is the prohibitive favorite to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. He’s received endorsements from prominent celebrities, congressmen, and fellow governors, and by the time of the Iowa caucuses, he has a comfortable lead in the superdelegate count. All is going well.

After a surprise third-place finish in Iowa (behind eventual candidates John Kerry and John Edwards), Dean spoke enthusiastically to his supporters — perhaps a little too enthusiastically. Here’s the video:

The ‘Dean Scream’ quickly became a joke on the Internet and late night shows, and political experts widely attribute the gaffe to Dean’s losing the primary. Surprisingly, however, some of Dean’s supporters claim they were totally unaware of the “scream” until they saw it on TV — the A/V system in the actual venue didn’t pick it up. The television feed inadvertently recorded the audio in an unflattering way.

After a few additional primary losses, Dean eventually dropped out. He concedes the speech probably played a role in his campaign’s failure, and indeed several news outlets admit to overplaying the clip.

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