South Central A\V offers design, installation and service of audio visual and collaboration solutions utilizing world-class equipment and best-in-class professional engineering, programming and technical services. With more than 70 years in the business and offices in 9 states we have the expertise, stability and coverage to be your long-term A\V and collaboration solutions partner.

Audio Visual Solutions

Complete Office AV Design and Installation

Transform your work space into a highly productive collaborative and information-rich environment. We are a one stop shop for everything with a speaker or a screen.

Large Format Display

Energize your space with eye-catching and engaging screens. High performance and highly durable screens are a powerful addition for your retail space, restaurant menu boards, control room, auditorium, corporate office or outdoor area.

Enterprise Asset Management and Control

Update and automate systems remotely. Report on system usage and power consumption.  Integrate with corporate email and communication systems, and more.


Upgrade your audience’s viewing experience with an array of HD and 4K options in a range of applications from boardrooms and office spaces to larger auditoriums, churches and live event venues.

Live Event Sound Systems

Create a space that truly impresses your audience. South Central A\V can design, create and install a world-class system for your music venue, concert hall, church, corporate event space, wedding venue, hotel and much more.

Video Walls

Make an impression on your audience with a visual experience that sets your event or brand above the rest.  LED video walls create an extraordinary environment where you can connect with your audience in a way that won’t soon be forgotten.

Acoustic Treatment

Improve the acoustics in your production studio, office building, auditorium, event space or venue with our customized solutions. A great sound experience starts with a solid acoustic design and will lead to better results and experiences for your guests, employees and clients.

Sports Tickers

Boost your fan base with unique and fun delivery of scores, stats and news. Financial institutions can also provide a distinctive experience to their customers with stock quotes, business news and market updates.

Meeting & Conference Rooms

Enhance your staff and client meetings with our state-of-the-art video conferencing and wireless presentation tools, interactive white board options and other collaboration technology.

Digital Signage

Drive sales and productivity with engaging, timely and relevant content for your customers and employees with one of our innovative solutions custom designed for your business.


Increase the effectiveness of your closed-circuit security surveillance strategy with the latest tech to ensure the safety of your staff, guests, clients, and equipment.  

Background Music

Capture the revenue-driving power that music has to connect with your customers. A well designed in-store music program will create a richer, more memorable experience that puts customers in the mood to buy.

Speech Privacy

Improve employee satisfaction scores with our industry-leading sound masking solutions. Employees will be more focused and patients will feel confident their conversations will remain confidential.


Video Conferencing

Modernize your meeting space. Video calls are the next best thing to being there in person. They enable people to meet more often and they’re more cost effective.  We design solutions to connect conference rooms with HD quality and individuals from personal devices over mobile networks.

Huddle Spaces

Save time and space with solutions that are gaining in popularity around the country. Designed to include the right amount of collaboration tools to maximize quick, impromptu meetings (a huddle) that spring up throughout the day.

Presentation Collaboration

Add to your meeting experience with other collaborative tools such as wireless presentation, interactive white boards and real-time document sharing.

Video Bridging

Synchronize your teams and enhance your video calls using this proven technology that ensures low jitter and low latency video images that are crisper with improved audio. Video bridging allows you to include more participants without adding costly infrastructure.

Interactive White Boards

Brainstorm your next big idea with your local team or team members around the world. These interactive solutions provide an easy way to collaborate across multiple physical locations at the touch of a button.

Professional Services

System Engineering

Our certified A\V systems engineers have a combined 75 years of expertise designing and creating world-class immersive experiences for a vast range of business types. Our custom audio visual solutions are tailored to your specific business needs. Our selection of services include:

  • Sound Design / Acoustic Modeling
  • System Engineering
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Control System Programming

Digital Media

Creating content for your screens that is engaging, timely and relevant to your audience is key to a successful digital media program that drives revenue, productivity and enhances your brand. Our team of designers and creators provide ongoing expertise and services including:

  • Experience Design
  • Content Creation
  • Content Management

Client Services

With more than 70 years in business we are your long-term partner to maintain and service your mission-critical services and equipment.  We provide a full-service suite of sweet service including:

  • Installation
  • On Site Service
  • Phone/Email Maintenance and Support


What We Do

Provide solutions to everyday business problems through the use of audio, video and other sensory technologies.