If you have eyes, chances are you’ve seen some of this around town. Where the public gathers, advertising firms have taken greater advantage of modern technology to produce digital signage that is still so new, it’s captivating to passersby.

Like a photo out of your favorite Harry Potter film, this ad by Sweden’s Apotek Hjärtat (The Heart Pharmacy) for their hair product line utilizes a television-display type screen with sensors so sensitive, the movement of a passing train causes the image to move, as if the woman was standing there, reacting in real time.

While you may not need this type of advertising, there are many other uses for these digital display capabilities. Modern audio-visual solutions make almost anything possible.

You can make this type of digital signage your very own, with images that work for your business. South Central A\V and Mood Media provide complete end-to-end solutions with digital signage.

We can take care of your system design, software, hardware, content, service and support for your business