As a visual medium, these SIGHT SOLUTIONS offer an opportunity for you to have an immediate effect on your customers, clients, guests and staff.  With our visual solutions it’s easy to inform, educate, entertain, up-sell and inspire at key points of interaction to enhance the overall customer or employee experience.


Affordable visual technologies are now available for all types of companies.  Digital signage is a key factor in creating better experiences and allowing businesses to do the following:

  • Drive revenue
  • Drive repeat visits
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products and services
  • Lessen perceived wait times
  • Deepen community engagement
  • Tell their brand story

Three things will happen almost immediately when you implement a digital signage solution.

  1. Your audiences will take notice. It’s impossible to miss a new promotion or daily special that is introduced using the full motion video and graphics capabilities that we provide using digital signage.
  2. Your audiences will appreciate it. There’s excitement and a renewed energy surrounding an updated and fresh approach inside your four walls.  Many of your clientele are probably millennials who are accustomed to and expect digital technology in their daily lives.
  3. Your audiences will engage with it. Because you won’t have to wait on a printer, your customers will have access to more up-to-date info about your business. They can make informed purchase decisions and have a more enjoyable experience.  They will repay that courtesy with incremental purchases and repeat visits.  Oh, and they’ll remember your business and bring some friends next time.

We offer fully managed promo boards, menu boards, directories, employee communication, on-demand content, video walls, interactive experiences and music videos that are customized for your specific business needs and challenges.  For those with the necessary resources in-house we can train your staff to be self-sufficient with updates and content creation.

Click here for examples of timely, relevant and engaging content the South Central A\V team can create for your business.


Our commercial television solutions enhance your customers’ experiences. With programming options including all the major and minor sports leagues, in-demand reality TV series, major network and cable news outlets, the gossip news magazine shows and more you will reduce perceived wait times and improve the in-venue experience that in turn increases customer loyalty.

We offer service from both DIRECTV (with NFL Sunday Ticket) and Dish Network. And, because we only deal with commercial accounts (no residential ones) there’s no waiting on hold for long periods of time or for a technician to reach your business should they need to be dispatched.

What We Do

Provide solutions to everyday business problems through the use of audio, video and other sensory technologies.