When it comes to creating an experience, there are few—maybe no—companies that have as broad experience as South Central A/V.

From small, mom and pop businesses to big Las Vegas casinos, we’ve seen it all.

As audio/visual technology becomes more and more available to laymen, we’ve found that there’s a lot of false information and poor advice circulating to businesses in need of audio/visual upgrades.

We want defend you from false information and remind you that our experts are your absolute best resource for all things sight, sound, scent, and systems.

Here’s why:

Combined Breadth and Depth of Experience

Maybe you’ve been reading blogs like ours, learning new ways to take your business to the next level, and now you’re searching Amazon to buy and install equipment yourself. We get it. We see this all the time.

Unfortunately, we see this all the time because we’re often called in to sort out mistakes made by well-intended DIY-ers.

Our best tip?

Don’t trust the reviews on sales websites. As educated as those “verified purchase” reviewers may be, absolutely nothing compares to working with expert technicians who have a slew of other, even more experienced, expert technicians on call.

Every day, our technicians call on each other when faced with unexpected challenges.

Between all of us (and between the fully integrated systems that we offer) we’ve seen just about every obstacle out there!

Time Spent in Industry

Did you know that our company began as South Central Broadcasting in 1946?

When radio wires were just becoming a raging force in America, we were right in the middle of it all!

We’ve evolved as a business, broadening our reach and fine-tuning our specialties since then, eventually becoming South Central A/V—the largest independent affiliate of Mood Media in America.

Our 3rd generation-run company has helped thousands of business owners over the years, and we’re always excited to gain new clients.

Every new challenge we tackle is an opportunity for our experience bank to grow!

Locations Across Country

Sure, those reviewers may give you the advice you need to buy your equipment.

But they will likely care very little to help you if and when things get damaged or mysteriously stop working.

Because we have so many locations across the country, we’re service our clients ASAP when they need help.

Ready to work with THE experts?

Call or come by one of our many locations today so that we can start preparing the perfect strategy for your company.