Here at South Central A\V, we focus a lot on the future. We help people get the technology they need up to speed, to be able to function competitively in their endeavors, to produce the best consumer experience possible, and to marry function and aesthetic. We enjoy looking ahead, but sometimes technology all starts to look the same.

It feels the same, and it’s hard to stand out when everyone is heading in the same direction. When something comes along that drags us back into something we’re familiar with, something mundane even, it can feel incredibly fresh.

Ikea rolled out a new ad for their 2015 Catalog. They produced a “book book” that comes with 328 pages of “pre-installed… high definition content” and a virtually infinite lifespan (depending on the survival of the pages, of course).

While South Central A\V will probably keep looking towards the future, we always appreciate the chances to see something older and familiar as a reminder that sometimes the simplest thing is the best solution. In our case, it’s fully-integrated audio-visual systems that allow you complete control with simple commands. For Ikea, it’s a real, “I-turn-the-pages-myself” book.

By using terms relegated to modern technology, Ikea takes something we already know and makes it exciting and innovative. No user guides here, just good old-fashioned page flipping.

We love using digital signage to get our point across, but perhaps the future of advertising lies in the past, between covers and found on paper pages.