At South Central A\V, we’ve wired every type of business environment. Rather than simply handing you a menu of our products and services, and taking your order, we’re big on conversation. Chances are, we’ll spark a few ideas that you hadn’t considered, and then mix and match products and services to suit your specific needs. Check out our extensive list of industries we work in and what we’ve done for them.

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Yeah, we were the ones in the AV Club in high school. These days, the equipment is high-tech and highly essential. From campus-wide video surveillance and massive stadium sound to classroom instruction gear, we have an A\V PhD. At South Central A\V, we understand that technology is the future. Students expect the very best in… Read More »


South Central A\V does more than a sound system in a room. Think bigger. We entertain. So do you. Shouldn’t your venue or amusement park sound as entertaining as it feels? Shouldn’t it look as entertaining as well? We can provide music, sound systems, scent, and digital signage to make sure you are entertaining your… Read More »


No more generic music in waiting areas. We are creating medical and dental offices with audio and video components that redefine the patient experience and provide opportunity for education and marketing. At South Central A\V, we understand the doctor/patient confidentiality that is needed and that following the HIPPA guidelines is very important. We can provide… Read More »

Hotels & Casinos

Environment is vital to your customer retention. From the music playing to the imagery on flat-panel displays, we can help transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary getaway. At South Central A\V, we sit down with you to help understand your brand. Our music, digital signage, scent, sound systems, meeting room design, and even guest… Read More »

Houses of Worship

Audio and video requirements for houses of worship have evolved, and so have we. From historic churches to a mega sanctuary with a gathering space, we can design the right AV solutions for your congregation. Benefits To Your Congregation + No distractions from inadequate technologies + More engaging presentation + Easy to see and hear… Read More »


We bring our industrial-sized experience to the industrial world. From CCTV to plant-wide paging and multimedia systems for conference areas, we can customize the appropriate answer for the needs of the environment. At South Central A\V, we want to help you design or upgrade your manufacturing plant. From a paging system, to digital signage, to… Read More »


The right ambiance can turn a meal into an experience. Regardless of the theme or menu, we help enhance restaurant spaces that are made to order with just the right combination of audio and video. At South Central A\V, we work with restaurants and bars and help their vision of what they want their guest… Read More »