In two days, the FIFA 2014 World Cup will kick off in Brazil, capturing global attention in a way that only large sporting events can. Audio\Visual products enhance any experience especially these sporting events, even when you aren’t really thinking about them.

What is the Super Bowl without the jumbo-tron showing replays and displaying the halftime show? What are the Olympics without the larger than life opening ceremony or the speakers blasting all information in three languages?

These events would just be another athletic gathering, not something the world rallies around, without the power of large scale visual displays.

While you may not be an international athlete, you can still use audio-visual enhancement to make your next sporting event world-class.  Digital signage, large-scale visual displays, complete sound systems—whatever your needs South Central A\V can help you create the space you want to make the crowd go wild.

Team USA kicks off their FIFA journey on June 16 against Ghana. To stay updated on Team USA, visit the USA’s Official page on the FIFA Website.