Americans are hungry. They’re hungry for dining that exceeds their culinary expectations, that is environmentally and nutritionally conscious, and that saves them time.

How are restaurants—both dine-in and fast food—meeting these impossible demands? They’re embracing the technology that created the demands!

Fast food restaurants, especially, are finding that the consumer’s expectations for service have drastically changed. Convenient location and tasty menu options are no longer enough. Because of widespread access to personal technology, we’ve all become researchers, making more informed decisions every hour of every day. We want to be able to look at a menu on our phones (including the caloric and nutritional information of every menu item), before even pulling up to the window.

Because their consumer base is armed with knowledge, fast food restaurants are offering healthier options and even quicker ways to get your hands on food. Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, Panera, and now even McDonald’s, all offer apps that allow loyal customers to place their orders before stepping foot on the restaurant’s premises, so that they can pick up their food as soon as they get there.

Maybe your restaurant doesn’t have the demand or the budget for an entirely web-based ordering system, but there are still ways that your restaurant can embrace technology and provide the most convenient and immersive experience for your diners.

Start with providing an in-depth menu on your website. Even if you don’t give the exact calorie count of each option, you can provide a small indicator that certain options are healthier options.

Make your drive-thru as efficient as possible. If you’re offering a drive-thru, you’re making a promise to potential customers that you’ll provide quick service. This blog has some great tips for accomplishing that!

Integrate an A/V system to ease your customers’ hunger for information. You could even consider using your digital displays to showcase the preparation of food! This will give customers a sense of control over how their food is being prepared, and also make them feel more involved in the experience of your restaurant.

If you’re not integrating technology into the minutia of your restaurant’s customer-facing operations, you’re failing to meet the growing expectations of your market.
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