The Mondopad is one of the coolest pieces of technology we’ve come across in a while — and technology gadgets are our raison d’etre.

We have several clients using this fantastic new tool, with many of them wondering how they ever did business without it. So what is it?

Mondopad can best be described as a giant 55-inch tablet computer.

It includes:

  • A high performance Intel i5 PC running the latest Windows 7 Pro operating system
  • The full version of Microsoft Office
  • Digital whiteboard software
  • A high definition 720p camera with 4 integrated microphones
  • A voice-optimized sound bar for improved dialogue clarity

So what do you do with it?

How about video conference calls like you’ve never done them before. No more worrying if video conferencing systems are compatible. The Mondopad talks to any and all conferencing systems — even Skype!

Imagine how much your company could save on travel expenses if you could hold virtual meetings in a flawless format that allows clear, two-way video and audio connections at a fraction of the cost of regular video conferencing systems.

Add to that the ability to annotate documents in real time and e-mail the changes/updates to everyone on the call at the touch of a button.

The touch screen has an integrated interactive whiteboard feature and yes, you can participate via your smart phone from the beach if you want to.

The bottom-line: it’s a super-cool giant tablet computer that’s great for companies looking to bring their board room or collaborative workspace into the 21st century and just generally make things easier.

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