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InfoComm 2016 – Another Year of Innovation?
Patrick Britton
Director of Operations

The results are in and InfoComm 2016 was another successful year of education and information for the audiovisual industry.  Corporate Tech Decisions reports that just under 39,000 industry professionals attended the show and a record 1000 companies exhibited products and services.  More than 90 seminars and workshops were conducted, providing industry leading training.

One of the problems with InfoComm is that it has grown so large, (there were over 1000 exhibitors at this year’s show, 211 of which were exhibiting for the first time) that it is nearly impossible for any one individual to stop by every booth, especially if they do anything more than simply walk by.  If they stop for demonstrations and product information, they will be lucky to visit with half the exhibitors.  Experienced companies send a team of experts to the show with a pre-planned list of what each one will be looking for.  I am glad that South Central AV falls into that category.    The summary that follows is based on feedback from our entire team of InfoComm attendees.

I spent time at the show with present and former colleagues, clients, and vendors.  At the end of the first day some were questioning whether there were any truly new and innovative products on display.  Everyone agreed that there newer, brighter, bigger displays.  Manufacturers displayed new speakers, new microphones and some newer methods of switching and routing.  Still, a number of my colleagues struggled to discuss what they thought was truly innovative.  As their time on the show floor drew to an end, we identified a number of themes, and some truly innovative products and solutions. Here are a few of our top picks.

Wolfvision Cynap – Wolfvision is a company best known for document cameras (They prefer to call them visualizers).  This year they took a sharp departure from that and launched Cynap, a “knowledge sharing solution which enables users to utilize presentation content material of all types, from an almost unlimited range of both digital and physical sources.”  Cynap takes wired and wireless collaboration to the next level.

BenQ RP Series – BenQ has expanded their presence in the interactive whiteboard arena with their RP series.  This user friendly product includes features such as Anti-glare glass, an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display and low blue light technology which reduce the emission of blue light emission that can cause eye strain.  In short, this product is built with the viewer in mind, not just the ability to collaborate.  After all, what good is a collaboration tool if it negatively impacts the ergonomics of the users.

Quirk Logic eWriter – Quirk Logic was one of those new exhibitors at the show.  When you need to replace a dry erase board but just don’t need an interactive display, the Quirk eWriter may be just right for the task.  The Quirk eWriter is more of a supercharged Kindle than an interactive white board. It uses digital ink in place of dry erase markers.  Drawings and writing can be resized and handwriting can be converted to text.  Multiple units can be connected within a room across the web.  All collaboration can be saved for future use.

Biamp  TesiraLux – as their marketing material states “The V in AVB is here.”  AVB is a set of technical standards that provide the specification that enable low latency streaming across networks.  AVB has widely been used for streaming audio in AV systems in recent years, but it has not been successfully adopted for video.  Biamp has cracked that code with the TesiraLux.

Logitech Group – Logitech has long been known as a leading manufacturer of webcams, mice and wireless keyboards.  Their new Logitech Group is a bundle of a camera, tabletop speaker and microphones that connect to a laptop to provide conferencing ability for medium conference rooms.  This isn’t Logitech’s first foray into conferencing, they recently split off Lifesize, a Videoconferencing codec manufacturer.

StarLeafStarLeaf is not new to the conferencing arena.  They have offered room and cloud based solutions for a number of years.  The have continued to develop their products and offerings to provide a full array of room, desktop and cloud based conferencing that can connect across all common platforms, including Microsoft Skype.

These are the most innovative products we at South Central AV identified from InfoComm 2016.  However, these are just a handful of the tens of thousands of products that were on display.  South Central AV specializes in taking this diverse array of products and technology and combining them into specific solutions that help your organization achieve its goals.  If you would like to know more about the products listed above, or how you can get more information on custom AV solutions please click HERE.