No more generic music in waiting areas. We are creating medical and dental offices with audio and video components that redefine the patient experience and provide opportunity for education and marketing.

At South Central A\V, we understand the doctor/patient confidentiality that is needed and that following the HIPPA guidelines is very important. We can provide speech privacy to help protect that confidentiality. We also understand the need to educate and entertain your patients while they are in the waiting area. We can provide you with background music, digital signage, or even custom TV. If you have a training area or conference room, we can design and install the space suited to your specific needs. We want to help you make your patients experience the most ideal healthcare environment possible.

Goals & Objectives

  • + Help you control what your patients see, hear, and smell
  • + Decrease patient anxiety and reduce perceived wait times
  • + Deliver a consistent brand message and communication strategy
  • + Elevate your level of patient comfort and confidentiality
  • + Differentiate your practice to encourage referrals and drive revenue
  • + Educate, entertain, and engage your patients.