Images of Christmas always lead to last-minute Christmas shopping, evoking memories of standing in long lines to get the latest toys that Santa will then deliver on Christmas morning.

You’re in the toy store, where you’ve been waiting in line for hours, the week before Christmas, commiserating with those standing (im)patiently with you. When you finally make it to the register, what do you do?

A) Write a check
B) Pay with cash or your debit card
C) Pull out your smartphone

If you were imaging a more traditional scene perhaps you chose B; but to ask that question today, the answer really depends on your age, unless you chose A. Then you will always be in the minority.

Increasingly, consumers under the age of 50 are relying almost exclusively on credit and debit cards, while those over 50 still prefer cash. Almost no one is writing checks to anyone but their landlords or grandchildren, however, paying exclusively with a smartphone-based card or app is becoming more popular.

The New York Times wrote an article last month about how Apple, always a favorite company to discuss on technology blogs, with the introduction of Apple Pay, is well on it’s way to replacing the use of cash and wallets altogether.

Apple has long been noted for their vertical integration of their business, producing much of their own hardware, software and designing their products, but they’ve also managed to integrate many other industries into a few products.

Music sales and players, cell phones, tablets, books and newspapers, cameras, watches, maps and now banking are all fully integrated with a company that started off producing personal computers.

Do you think Apple is on its way to put the classic wallet out of business?

Let us know. We can also help you make your technology as seamlessly integrated as possible, leaving no need to fumble with multiple devices or loose change while starting your next presentation.

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