If you’re looking for a new, visually exciting and interactive way to present a lesson, business plan or concept then read on.

Let’s start with the basics – what is an interactive white board? If you can imagine a computer connected to a screen projector then you have the general idea. Through the use of this technology, presenters are able to ditch the traditional mouse and directly control the presentation through a specially designed pen, stylus or fingertips.

This advancement in delivery creates an entirely new level of engagement between the presenter and audience.

As if wowing viewers with a rich experience isn’t enough, many interactive whiteboard manufacturers also incorporate mobile features that enable audience members to actually participate in presentations through texting or number selection.

Additionally, notes and visuals from the board can be emailed directly to those who view it.

So, how are professionals using this technology today? The biggest two settings in which whiteboard technologies are used today, include:


Teachers at all levels are using interactive whiteboards to present lessons and engage children and college students alike. Want to collaborate with your pupils? You can. Instead of blank stares, classrooms are now captivated by content that they can interact with.


Businesses, freelancers, consultants and other professionals are also utilizing interactive whiteboards in presentations and during conferences. Graphs, tables and other visuals including third-party resources from live websites can be easily pulled up and modified mid-presentation keeping all parties immersed in the moment.

Interactive whiteboards are great for any presentation size, be it in a small classroom setting or expansive auditorium. The only difference is the size of the screen.

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