To many, telephone conversation is a lost art. Long gone are the days of hours spent winding around your kitchen tethered to a wall-mounted unit by an endless twisting cord.

Long gone are the days of eagerly awaiting a phone call, and long gone are the days of rushing to be the first person to answer. Instead, we get phone dread, screening calls and ignoring voice mail. You’d think that people would just stop calling, but they don’t.

If you’re trying to run a business, it can seem like the phone never stops ringing. No matter how much we may cringe at every ring, phone calls still matter.

Business phone calls are at an interesting intersection of spoken conversation. Phone conversation is very focused and can be very personal. You aren’t protected by keyboards and delayed response, and get to experience someone’s ideas in real time. But business is all about professionalism, and missing the mark on your outgoing voice mailbox can be a huge impediment to that professional image you’ve managed to create.

So, where do you meet?

Making sure your calls are both professional and thoughtful is the best way to keep your business image up, without coming off cold, or on the other end of this spectrum, too casual. The best way to find that middle ground is to make sure you have a great outgoing message.

If you have to put people on hold often, incorporating on-hold messaging or music has been proven to reduce hang-ups and engage customers with relevant information.

This balance isn’t easy, but when done well, can create another layer of credibility and professionalism to your brand. We’re experts in audio solutions, and will work closely with you to help you create a message or voice mail greeting that perfectly reflects everything you’ve worked hard to create.