With just over 1500 casinos in the United States, casino gambling revenue totaled a whopping $182.77 billion last year. It’s no surprise an industry of this size employs a complex science of technology, design, and engineering to make sure that number keeps growing. Here are a few areas in which SCAV can help your casino:

Background Music

Background music affects a number of important things: the mood of the guests, the speed at which guests play, and the length at which guests stay in the casino. We’ll design a sound system and custom playlist to ensure guests have a fun and meaningful experience in your casino.


Casinos were one of the first major industries to adopt visual surveillance technology. It’s incredibly important to protect people, property and the integrity of casino operations. CCTVs can capture quick movements and sleights of hand to ensure every guest is playing by the rules.

Digital Signage

Engagement is the name of the game. With interactive, digital signage, casinos can keep guests informed and engaged throughout their stay. Popular types of indoor signage include:

  • Indoor digital displays
  • Digtal posters
  • Digital menu boards
  • Outdoor dynamic displays

At SCAV, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary getaways. Whether you’re outfitting a casino, a church, or a restaurant, we will design an A\V system that improves your customer experience and helps your bottom line.. For all your audio visual needs, visit one of our locations or contact us today.