These days, it seems like everyone is a brand enthusiast.

That’s good news for those of you who have put years of work into establishing and perfecting your internal and customer-facing brands—what you stand for, how your company interacts with employees and with customers, and the graphic design that tie it all together.

But now, more than ever, companies that have never cared about carefully maintaining a genuine brand are suffering the consequences.

Restaurants may have a printed menu with graphics and aesthetics that are totally different than what’s being displayed on the digital display menu.

Hotels may have guest greetings on their digital displays that are less-than-welcoming. Hair salons may have inaccurate information on wait times displayed, causing customer impatience and distrust.

So, how do you know if your company is reinforcing your brand or hurting it? Ask yourself these questions:

Do my digital displays reflect my brand persona?

Step one is figuring out if you even have a brand persona. A brand persona is, simply put, the personality that your business would take on if it were a person.

Think: Lulu Lemon would be a posh, athletic person; Best Buy would be a smart, helpful technology enthusiast; and Budweiser would be an astute, legend-invoking man.

What kind of person does your business represent?

Every experience a customer has with your business dictates the kind of person they imagine your brand persona to be.

  • Are your displays informative, simple, and helpful?
  • Are they colorful and quirky?
  • Do they match the verbiage that you’ve asked your employees to use when interacting with customers?

This may seem tedious, but making sure that your digital displays tie in with your brand persona is key to communicating that air-tight brand to your customers as quickly as possible.

For example, we at South Central A/V were tasked with installing digital signage in two restaurants in Elvis’s Graceland.

These photos demonstrate how we were able to carry the Graceland retro theme even onto the digital displays!

a large digital menu board

assortment of small digital signs

Do my digital displays work with my other advertising pieces?

You’ve invested in the television commercials, the print ads, and the beautifully managed social media pages. These are supposed to be the key to getting new customers to check you out and returning customers to remember you.

So, what happens when the digital displays inside your business don’t match up with what they’re seeing outside your business? You create consumer confusion.

If a well-designed Facebook ad brings the consumer into a store with unorganized merchandise, of a completely different aesthetic than your social media presence, the consumer will doubt the truth of your advertising and your business.

Just like with their relationship with friends, your consumers need to trust that your business is just the same on the inside as it appears to be on the outside.

So it’s important that you carry the same themes—visual and otherwise—through every single touchpoint your brand has with customers.

The good news?

If you partner with South Central AV, you don’t have to worry about missing the mark with your digital signage.

Our experts have carefully studied your brand and engineered a digital display experience that brings that brand to life for every customer that encounters it.

If you don’t already partner with South Central AV, give us a call!

Our visual and experiential branding professionals are ready to bring your business to the next level.