The funny thing about casinos is that they rarely ever stand alone. Think of the Las Vegas strip—casino after casino after casino, always vying for the attention of masses of passersby.

The games and experience inside YOUR casino can be leagues better than your neighbor’s casino, but you’ve got to find a way to get people to walk through your doors so they can see that for themselves.

So, how do you capture customers’ attention AND keep it, so that they remember your casino and come back to it next time?

Create an Environment

There’s a reason that casinos in Vegas have themes! They understand that creating a unique, consuming environment for their customers is vital to customer retention.

From the music that plays to the imagery used on your flat-panel displays, everything works together to make a unique experience and an environment unlike any of your competitors.

Establish Your Brand

Yes, your brand should work in conjunction with the environment you create, but think of your brand more as the persona that your casino takes on.

If your casino were a person, what would its friends say about it? Is it friendly? Edgy? Fun? Youthful? Risque?

Choose the persona you want your brand to take on, then make sure that you make that person—that voice—come across in every bit of copy a customer reads, that your employees take on that persona, and that your administration makes decisions that are true to brand.

The more air-tight your brand operations, the more identifiable your casino becomes to a customer.  

Host Events

You have this amazing space, built to hold hundreds of people. Why don’t you make the most of that and play host to big events? Of course, it would be best if the events lined up with the brand persona you’ve chosen to take on.

For example, if your brand is fun-loving and risque, you should bid to host conferences for NFL cheerleaders or edgier social media bloggers.

When you host conferences and events like this, you’re allowing your casino experience to be enjoyed by masses of people that are already likely to identify with your brand.

It could result in lifetime customer loyalty!

Incorporate Social Media

You’ve got all the digital signage in the world, so why not use it to bring customers into your casino?

Using social media, you can create competitions among a targeted group of tourists or other potential customers where the prize is a night at your casino hotel or a big stack of chips to start playing with.

You can display selected photos on your display boards, giving the impression to potential walk-ins and current customers that your casino is one that people are fighting to get into.

The opportunities are endless for the creative ways that you can decide to incorporate social media into your digital display strategy, and doing so is one of the easiest ways to keep your media fresh and exciting for customers.

Need help choosing the right displays, music, and even brand persona of your casino? That’s what we do. We work tirelessly to help our clients achieve the most immersive, unique experiences for their guests.

We can’t wait to partner with you! Contact us today to start working with our experience experts.