The moving pictures in Harry Potter had many viewers wishing their own memories could come alive, moving before them on a screen. With some of the latest applications of digital signage technologies, this idea is being brought to life in a place where life is already recreated magically – the movies.

Cinema Scene Marketing recently announced the first installation of it’s digital movie initiative in Thousand Oaks, California. Cinema Scene hopes to replace all traditional paper movie posters.

By replacing paper posters, the digital displays allow movie posters to come alive, and the effect can be like watching a small moment from the movie, rather than staring at a piece of paper. Digital display also allows for static images to scroll through on one screen, freeing up space around your theater and reducing the amount of paper clutter you have after the movie has gone out of theaters.

Theaters around the country are making a move towards digital display for many other uses, such as menu boards and for other lobby marketing materials.

Digital poster display is just one more layer theaters are using to create the ultimate entertainment experience for patrons.

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