Presentations are best designed with the proper technology and location in mind.  Designing the ultimate space for your corporate event takes a little bit of decorative know-how and some effective planning.

By bringing in the best technology and creating an easy-to-use space, any corporate presentation can be a hit.

Video Projection

Most presentations include the use of visuals in some form, ranging from video clips to PowerPoint presentations. Having an easy-to-use video projection system will add greatly to the quality of any corporate event room.

Make sure to use a system that is compatible with both Windows and Apple computers.  Ease of hookup is essential to minimizing downtime and technical difficulties.

Screen Fabrics

Most any projector is useless without a good screen on which to project. The type of fabric from which a screen is made can greatly affect the quality of the resulting image.

Matte white vinyl is a popularly used material that is great for receiving projected images and looks great in regular light. Make sure you have a screen that fits that space provided in order to achieve optimum projection quality.

Audio System

While visual aids are important, a presentation is nothing without a strong voice.  In order to ensure that you project your ideas properly throughout a room, find an appropriate speaker and microphone setup.

If you plan on moving around quite a bit as you present the audience with new ideas and statistics, then use a wireless headset to ensure that you can go from stage left to stage right with ease.

The technology needed to give a great presentation isn’t hard to find, and with the right planning, your important day will go off without a hitch.  To learn more, or to get help updating your event space, give South Central A\V a call at (888) 318-5190.