Long gone are the days when all you needed to do to bring patients in was deliver exceptional service.

In today’s world, social media marketers are shouting for your patients’ attention from every angle. Dentists are always looking for ways to move beyond traditional tactics and into the world of experiential marketing—where your in-house experience keeps the customers coming back for more.

How can you make your dentist’s office one that makes a lasting impression (no pun intended) on your patients?

Here are some ways that our clients are seeing great success:

Bring the audio/visual experience beyond the lobby.

Most dentists offices have clued in to the idea of easing patient boredom and anxiety by putting televisions in the waiting room.

But did you know that dentists’ offices across the nation are going a step further, by mounting television displays on the ceiling above the dental patient chair?

Some clinics even go so far as to give channel and streaming options, so that their patients can shift their focus onto something other than the metal tools digging in their mouths.

Incorporate a tactile experience.

You remember getting a treat when you finished your dental appointments, right?

Well, these days dentists are giving out treats—of a sort—to their adult patients, as well.

What started as a kind of gimmick over ten years ago, when dentist offices started offering spa treatments along with their dental services, has become much more common for regular, non-gimmicky dentists.

The most common of the pampering treatments are for the dental hygienist to offer the patient a paraffin wax for their hands.

While the usually unpleasant cleaning process is going on, the patient has their hands warmly coated in a conditioning wax, resting comfortably in their lap.

Oh, and they’re looking up at the television program of their choice.

Create a custom scent for your clinic.

Sure, you’re going to have the usual dental office smells that some patients enjoy.

However, did you know that you can install a Mood: Marketing scent system that is tailor made to fit the interests of both your customers preferences and your clinic’s brand?

This tactic may sound crazy, but it can go a long way in creating a familiar, pleasant experience for your patients.

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