Amazon is working to get items delivered to you with the press of a button. I know what you’re thinking- we’re already doing that online! But this latest innovation works a little differently. Amazon is now working to get “Dash Buttons” in every home.

These WiFi-enabled buttons are programmed for one particular item, like the Tide detergent featured here, and will, when pressed, automatically order more and have it shipped to you home. Mark Coxon of rAVepub has an interesting take on this new item, saying that the Dash Button creates yet another way to get in trouble with his wife:

“Currently, if I … use the last of the detergent without replacing it, my wife is generally not pleased with me…. Now just imagine there was a button right in front of me where the last of the product was used. Not only that, envision that button with a large logo on it of the brand itself, removing any requirement for me to actually ‘read’ the text. I can only shudder at the well deserved lashing that would await.

‘You mean that all you had to do was press a button with a big picture on it and you couldn’t even do that [sic]?’ “

Mark also brings up two additional points in opposition to the Dash Button: First, that most of the items that are currently available are common household goods that you may not be able to wait several days for. The second is part of a larger debate about the Internet of Things.

Having select brands get a Dash Button removes the ability for consumers to compare and price shop between goods. Those of us in the AV industry will argue in favor of system integration most days (it’s just easier!) but in this case, it removes competitive brands for ease of purchase.


So, we want to open the floor for some conversation on this topic: Are dash buttons really easier and better for consumers, or are they useless without having an option to compare and purchase substitute goods?

Let us know what you think!