We always talk about the wide range of clients that we serve, but did you know that we do a lot of work for schools?

You may be surprised to learn that schools utilize almost every product offering that we provide.

Here’s how they’re using South Central A/V to really enhance both the efficiency and the comfort of their day-to-day operations:

Digital Signage

We’ve talked before about how digital signage can greatly ease the stress of a crowd. We’ve also talked about how it can be useful for organizing queues at restaurants. But did you know that those same uses can be applied to a school building?

Whether you’re playing a television in the school’s office, providing projector systems in every classroom and in the auditorium, or displaying announcements or room navigation in the busy hallways, your school has a significant need for trustworthy digital signage.

Sound Engineering

Every school has a PA system—but not every school has a good one.

Our technicians can install an audio system good for both announcements and mood music that you can play between classes.  

Beyond sound output, we also offer sound masking—like white noise and acoustic treatments—that keep the disruptive chatter of classes and auditoriums to a minimum.

Scent Marketing

Certain smells are a hallmark of the school experience.

Unfortunately, that means that many students may associate common school smells with the stress or anxiety they’ve felt at another school (or even at your school!).

Take a step towards creating a new sensory experience for your school by incorporating a scent marketing strategy.

Not only will this make an impression on students and families touring your facilities, but it can really improve the experience of your existing students and staff.

Call Solutions

Think back to your high school experience. Do you remember the office secretary?

We’re sure you do! School office secretaries hold a special place in our hearts because they are the brains of the operations behind most schools.

That’s why many of our clients are using our call solutions, including on-hold messaging, to make office secretaries’ jobs much more efficient.

And so much more…

This list could go on and on, because the system services we offer our clients are tailor-made for what schools need every day.

The best part about working with South Central A/V?

Because of our many locations, there’s a strong likelihood that our expert service technicians can get to you with lightning speed, making any technical difficulty our problem and not yours.

Are you ready to make your school’s experience one that students look back on with fondness?

Call an expert at one of our many locations to get started today!