When businesses seek to attract customers, many people consider store lighting, color scheme, furniture—all designed to create a specific ambiance. While these things are often obvious, many companies are exploring a smellier realm, all in the name of creating the perfect milieu. Welcome to the world of ambient scenting.

Over the last decade, many retailers, hotels and casinos have experimented with scent distribution technology; although this may seem an unnecessary expense, the trend has yet to falter—even during tough economic times.

Richard Weening, CEO of Prolitec, a company that specializes in scent technology, said in a FoxBusiness article that people are more likely to remember the scent of a space more than the music playing.

Stores continue to invest in creating a signature ambient scent because of the effect it has on consumers. Research has shown that pleasant smells can trigger happy memories, influence mood, and even make time seem to pass faster.

A study in French Post Offices showed that people in nice smelling Post Offices thought they’d spent less time inside than they actually did. What this means for businesses is consumers are more likely to linger—and inevitably purchase something—than those in foul or neutral smelling stores.

Ambient scent is something businesses should keep in mind as consumers become more ‘experience driven’ shoppers.

The technology needed to give your business a signature scent isn’t magic, it just requires a little planning. To learn more about scent distribution systems, contact South Central A\V at (888) 318-5190.

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