Many businesses rely on at least one television to provide audio and visual entertainment for customers. As a business, it’s not easy trying to decide on the amount of televisions needed, proper screen size, type of television, and the best programming to run for your customers.

To help make the decision process a little easier, take a look at the following types of businesses and how each one uses television and television programming:

Bars & Restaurants

To create the ideal visual experience for customers, bars & restaurants typically like to have at least 2 TVs per room, oftentimes 4, in order to afford each customer the ability to watch something without having to turn his or her chair.

Having at least one plasma TV per room with a high refresh rate is generally a good idea for when customers will be watching sports.

Offices & Reception Areas

Putting a television in a reception area is a great way to offer visual entertainment for customers that are waiting. Usually, offices opt for a flat panel TV that can be placed easily in the employees’ lounge.

This TV can be used for relaxation, watching the news, or even to show company or corporate videos. Make sure that you consider getting HD satellite programming to impress your customers and please your employees.

Fitness Centers

TVs in most gyms are LCD screens—these are the brightest type of TV and are thus the ideal type of TV to have in a room that is well lit. At the gym, people want to be able to choose from a variety of channels, so be sure to run at least three different types of programming.

If you are considering purchasing televisions for your gym, then take advantage of custom-designed TV programming with DISH network.

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