We’ve talked before about how “spring fever” is a real thing, and how it can really benefit sales if you know how to use it to your benefit.

Today, however, we’re talking about the shift to colder months—when people are less likely to leave their cozy homes and come to your place of business.

Here are our tips for making the most of the fall and winter months:

Get potential customers out of the house.

Especially with the sun going down at 5PM, it can be really challenging to get shoppers to visit your retail location when it seems like their couches are already calling.

The key is to provide a wind-down experience, which may be a shift from your spring and summer atmosphere, but might be exactly the social experience they’re looking for.  

Do you usually play high-tempo music?

  • Let’s think about slowing it down.

Is your lighting usually bright and cheery?

  • Let’s think of ways that we can warm up the atmosphere with fall florals and darker accents.

Keep them in your space.

It’s dark out and they’re likely already bundled up in layers, how can you incentivize your customers to stay?

If you’re a retailer, consider hosting events that embrace the season! Serve s’mores, cider, or even host events in your space.

If you make your store less about the products inside of it and more about the people that fill it, then you’re on your way to forming the kinds of deep connections with customers that keep them coming back.

Elevate your outdoor experience.

If you’re a restaurant with the best patio in town, there’s no reason to shut down your outdoor operations when it’s cold outside. The first step is to invest in industrial space heaters.

These have been around long enough that customers are starting to expect them in their favorite patios.

To go above and beyond expectation, you could consider splurging on blankets that match your brand colors and drape them over each chair outside.

Talk about an inviting atmosphere!

some tables in a restaurant

Make some memories.

All of these ideas work together to accomplish one ultimate goal: harnessing the nostalgia of a nostalgic season.

The best thing your brand can do—whether you’re a restaurant, store, or even a business—is to create positive experiences with everyone that comes into contact with your organization.

That will deepen their social connection to you and make them lifetime customers.

What do you say?

Are you ready to engineer a space that can transition its mood marketing strategy from spring to winter with ease?

We’re ready to work with you!

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