These days, we don’t have to do much work convincing potential clients that they need music integrated into their business operations.

They know they want it and they know they need it!

But what we’re seeing with more and more of our clients is that they’ve tried to use streaming services on their iPhones, make their own playlists, play record players, etc., and have found that they prefer working with a team like ours to achieve the optimal music strategy for their business.


Check out our clients’ top reasons for choosing South Central A/V below:

The People

Even in a business that embraces the ease of technology, we appreciate the value of a personal connection.

When you choose to work with South Central A/V, you’re choosing to work with a representative that wants to understand your business goals so that they can truly meet your business needs.

Our people—from installation technicians to your representative to the president of our company—are friendly and experienced. Did you know that we’re a third generation, family-owned company?

We’ve been able to continue our business legacy because we surround ourselves with passionate team members!

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

This is our bread and butter. We love to step into your space, ask you what it is that you envision for your business, your brand, and your brick-and-mortar aesthetic, then pull together all the tools in our arsenal to deliver the most strategic mood strategy for you.

We’re able to determine the right music for every time of day and for your preferred clientele, so that the mood in your business actually delivers results—both aesthetically and monetarily.

One Stop Shop

We mentioned all the tools in our arsenal, and that’s a pretty key point as to why more and more of our clients are ditching their streaming services and choosing to work with South Central A/V.

Not only can we create the perfect music experience for your business, but we can engineer a system that includes digital signage, the television programming that plays on that digital signage, and even the drive-thru system for restaurants.

Business owners love making just one phone call to coordinate all of these essential pieces of their brick-and-mortar experience.

We’re Local—To a Lot of Places

Being local really, really matters.


Because systems can break down and ruin an entire day’s worth of business for our clients. We boast several locations across the United States, so that we’re always within reach of situations like this.

Our clients have also told us that they feel comfortable to expand their business, knowing that we’ll have an office in the area that they’re looking to expand to.

We Do The Installing

In the do-it-yourself world we live in, we can often forget the value of having an expert do things for you.

Especially in our industry, wires can (literally) get crossed during a do-it-yourself installation process, leaving the business high-and-dry when they’ve accidentally fried their new sound or display equipment.

When you work with us, you can trust that experienced technicians will take care of the installation process and that the same team can be called on to make any repairs during that equipment’s lifetime.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to put an end to those streaming service advertisements and awkward pauses between playlist changes?

Let the experts at South Central A/V create the perfect mood for your business.

Contact us or stop by one of our many locations to get started!