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Digital Signage at the Movies

The moving pictures in Harry Potter had many viewers wishing their own memories could come alive, moving before them on a screen. With some of the latest applications of digital signage technologies, this idea is being brought to life in a place where life is already recreated magically – the movies. Cinema Scene Marketing recently […]

The Future of Digital Signage

March is unofficially Digital Signage Month at SCAV in honor of the Digital Signage Expo (starting today!) in Las Vegas. Our team is excited to be there, learning the latest from a quickly evolving industry. Smart technology, like the phones and tablets we cling to, makes the mass adoption of digital signage faster and better. […]

TV or Projector? Which is best for you?

More people are trading their cable subscription for a monthly online streaming plan, but most people still want something larger than a computer or tablet screen to watch on. If all it takes is a wireless streaming system or HDMI cord to enjoy your favorite show, both televisions and projectors will get the job done. […]

Every Call Matters

To many, telephone conversation is a lost art. Long gone are the days of hours spent winding around your kitchen tethered to a wall-mounted unit by an endless twisting cord. Long gone are the days of eagerly awaiting a phone call, and long gone are the days of rushing to be the first person to […]

What do I need to know about… finding an HD projector?

Looking to build your dream home theatre? Finding a quality HD projector is probably at the top of your list, but the number of projectors available (don’t even get me started on their available features) can make the search intimidating. Start here with these key points, and you’ll be enjoying your theater in no time. […]

2015 A/V Market Trends and Predictions

An essential part of running a business is knowing what the next big thing in your industry is. We’re always on the lookout for things that our clients want, as well as things they don’t know they want yet, so that we can bring our clients exactly what they need. One of our favorite resources for keeping […]

Here on the Island of Misfit Toys, We Only Take Card

Images of Christmas always lead to last-minute Christmas shopping, evoking memories of standing in long lines to get the latest toys that Santa will then deliver on Christmas morning. You’re in the toy store, where you’ve been waiting in line for hours, the week before Christmas, commiserating with those standing (im)patiently with you. When you […]

Planet of the Tech Robots

Back in October we discussed the idea that our increasing interaction with technology is changing the way that we read, but how about the way that we’re interacting with technology in general, not just related to reading? We’re in the tech industry, and a large part of what we do involves making the use of […]

Most Shared Commercials of 2014

Even though 2014 is not quite over, this has been a big year for advertising. Thanks to the World Cup, a true lesson in what it means to be globally engaging, with commercials that ran during the World Cup being shared the most times on each of these lists. Ad Week put out two lists this year, […]

Is technology changing the way we read?

Technology has changed the way we do everything, especially how we live day to day. Technology has changed the way we work, the way we learn, the way we interact with the people we love, and now there is proof that technology has changed the way we read. Technology has changed the way we use our […]

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