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Super Sensory Digital Signage

If you have eyes, chances are you’ve seen some of this around town. Where the public gathers, advertising firms have taken greater advantage of modern technology to produce digital signage that is still so new, it’s captivating to passersby. Like a photo out of your favorite Harry Potter film, this ad by Sweden’s Apotek Hjärtat (The […]

Career Center: Educational Technology

Over the last few decades, personal tech devices have become fully integrated into our lives. One place in particular where this technology was readily embraced was the classroom. Over the last few years, however, technology has taken on a new role in education. This article goes into deeper detail about some of the newest trends in […]

Solutions: Art and Computer Literacy in the Classroom

For schools with a large transient population, art and technology classes often seem to get pushed aside for more traditional educational needs; in this New York City school, however, art provided a stable creative outlet for students who deal with “chaotic, stressful home lives” and technology gives these students a way to share their creations. […]

High tech shopping for a high tech world.

Walking around with access to the world in your pocket is something that even the most tech-savvy consumers are still getting used to. While consumers are quick to pick up a new technology trend, they aren’t the only ones. Retailers are often the ones setting the tech trends for consumers, requiring them to be ahead […]

Large crowds, large screens: What makes FIFA FIFA?

In two days, the FIFA 2014 World Cup will kick off in Brazil, capturing global attention in a way that only large sporting events can. Audio\Visual products enhance any experience especially these sporting events, even when you aren’t really thinking about them. What is the Super Bowl without the jumbotron showing replays and displaying the halftime […]

Most Shared Commercials of 2013

Tracking ad and video shares continues to be a solid method of measuring audience reach and popularity. Mashable compiled this list of the most shared ads from 2013.  

Designing the Ultimate Room for Your Corporate Presentation

Presentations are best designed with the proper technology and location in mind.  Designing the ultimate space for your corporate event takes a little bit of decorative know-how and some effective planning. By bringing in the best technology and creating an easy-to-use space, any corporate presentation can be a hit. Video Projection Most presentations include the […]

Limit your digital signage message to 22 characters or less

Marketers know that the right phrase can have a big impact on consumers, but when displaying those phrases on digital signage, when is a phrase too long for passersby to remember? A study from Wirespring shows that the ideal length of a message on digital signage is 3-5 words, or around 22 characters. Read the […]

Choosing the Right Television and Television Programming for Businesses

Many businesses rely on at least one television to provide audio and visual entertainment for customers. As a business, it’s not easy trying to decide on the amount of televisions needed, proper screen size, type of television, and the best programming to run for your customers. To help make the decision process a little easier, […]

Research shows 40% of customers are open to persuasion once in your store.

Just because a customer is already in your store doesn’t mean your work is done. Your marketing dollars may have helped get a potential customer to your business, but don’t forget to educate/sell to them once they are there.  From a recent McKinsey Quarterly report:  McKinsey research indicates that as many as 40 percent of customers remain […]

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