Most Shared Commercials of 2015

As experts in digital signage, we know a lot about properly displaying advertisements, and 2015 was a banner year for creative and engaging ads. With a focus on beautifully crafted images and compelling storytelling, this year has some of the most varied advertising we’ve seen. From the funniest :30 to the most heartwarming :60, these […]

Race Tech Behind Turkey Trots

Have you been training for your neighborhood’s annual Turkey Trot? On race day, you’ll run along the course, crisp air biting your nose, and once you cross the finish line you’ll be ready for Thanksgiving dinner! If you’ve run larger races, you’ll notice certain things your neighborhood race may not have. Larger races have medals, […]

3 Reasons you should use Videoconferencing Tech

Video conferencing has long been thought of as the technology of the big guys negotiating mergers and acquisitions, not something that the average business could afford or make use of. However, technological advances and a changing business landscape are making video conferencing not only a viable solution for businesses of any size but a necessity. […]

Measuring Return On Objective (ROO) With Digital Signage

In many ways, signs have changed very little over the years. They communicate important information through a careful blend of visual imagery and text, catching the attention of a passerby in a fraction of a second and holding their interest long enough to communicate the message. We are now just beginning a massive global shift […]

More than explosions: Lessons from movie theater sound

  September is an interesting time in Hollywood. Coming off the big summer blockbusters like Jurassic World, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Straight Outta Compton, movie theaters are having to transition to showing more cerebral movies leading into awards season, at least until Star Wars: Episode 7 opens during the holidays. While the types […]

The Basics Behind A Good Presentation: Your A\V System

A successful live concert is perhaps one of the best examples of what great A\V integrators can do with sound, light, visuals, and video. The convergence of a well-planned, well-executed stage show can take the audience to a another world altogether. What don’t you hear at a professional gig? That ear piercing, horrible shriek when […]

The Rise of Live Streaming

Earlier this year, Periscope, a social networking app that allows you to live stream to all your Twitter and Periscope followers at one time, burst on to the scene. Though it has only been running for a few months, it’s gained over two million users and is jostling with the big boys for users’ screentime. […]

Case Study: Aesthetics Over Acoustics at the Royal Albert Hall

Located in Central London, the Royal Albert Hall has become one of England’s most distinctive buildings and concert venues since its opening in 1871 by Queen Victoria.  Each year, Royal Albert Hall hosts more than 350 events including classical and pop/rock concerts, ballet and opera, sports, award ceremonies, community events, charity performances and banquets. So […]

A\V Explosion in Modern Healthcare Delivery

What’s the fastest-growing market for AV systems in North America? Healthcare. There are a couple of reasons for this. One has to do with the nature of the healthcare market itself; the other with the enabling power of AV. The Affordable Care Act has created millions of new healthcare consumers and consumer demand for affordable, […]

Lessons from the Cardboard Theater

Japan is often known for quirky trends and amazing technology. With Mashable recently breaking the story, the newest export from the island nation is the Cardboard Theater. うし!!映画だwwww — ちーず (@hrhr_mumu) December 27, 2013 The set-up, designed to deliver a private, movie-watching experience, consists of a large cardboard box, a bit of tape and […]

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