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Is technology changing the way we read?

Technology has changed the way we do everything, especially how we live day to day. Technology has changed the way we work, the way we learn, the way we interact with the people we love, and now there is proof that technology has changed the way we read. Technology has changed the way we use our […]

Critical Components: A\V Apps

Looking for some audio-visual tools to make your life easier? How about some tools you can run right from your smartphone? Our friends at TechDecisions Media and Gridworks compiled two lists of the must-have apps for running your audio-visual equipment. Do you think this list is exhaustive? What would you like to see instead?   […]

This is your brain on ambient music.

Hear me out. Ambient music is cooler than you think. It also has a more storied reputation than one might imagine based on its reputation as something that jingles to remind consumers that it’s the Christmas season. Few people consider the world of ambient music, tinny melodies pumped into elevators to accompany uncomfortable ascents, as […]

Watch out Smart Home: Smart Offices are the future

Guess what past humans? The future is now. That’s right. One of the biggest themes in past portrayals of the future was the “smart house”. The house that could turn it’s own lights on and off with motion sensors, the house that could tell you what your pet really does when you’re away and the […]

Past, Present, Future: Not in that order

Here at South Central A\V, we focus a lot on the future. We help people get the technology they need up to speed, to be able to function competitively in their endeavors, to produce the best consumer experience possible, and to marry function and aesthetic. We enjoy looking ahead, but sometimes technology all starts to […]

The future is now!

Fourteen years into the 21st century, we’re officially living in the future authors prophesied about. Technology is rapidly improving, but is your business still stuck in the past? To make sure you stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow, make sure you have the best Audio\Visual Solutions for your office tasks. Television monitors, sound and […]

Super Sensory Digital Signage

If you have eyes, chances are you’ve seen some of this around town. Where the public gathers, advertising firms have taken greater advantage of modern technology to produce digital signage that is still so new, it’s captivating to passersby. Like a photo out of your favorite Harry Potter film, this ad by Sweden’s Apotek Hjärtat (The […]

Career Center: Educational Technology

Over the last few decades, personal tech devices have become fully integrated into our lives. One place in particular where this technology was readily embraced was the classroom. Over the last few years, however, technology has taken on a new role in education. This article goes into deeper detail about some of the newest trends in […]

Solutions: Art and Computer Literacy in the Classroom

For schools with a large transient population, art and technology classes often seem to get pushed aside for more traditional educational needs; in this New York City school, however, art provided a stable creative outlet for students who deal with “chaotic, stressful home lives” and technology gives these students a way to share their creations. […]

High tech shopping for a high tech world.

Walking around with access to the world in your pocket is something that even the most tech-savvy consumers are still getting used to. While consumers are quick to pick up a new technology trend, they aren’t the only ones. Retailers are often the ones setting the tech trends for consumers, requiring them to be ahead […]

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