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A\V Explosion in Modern Healthcare Delivery

What’s the fastest-growing market for AV systems in North America? Healthcare. There are a couple of reasons for this. One has to do with the nature of the healthcare market itself; the other with the enabling power of AV. The Affordable Care Act has created millions of new healthcare consumers and consumer demand for affordable, […]

Lessons from the Cardboard Theater

Japan is often known for quirky trends and amazing technology. With Mashable recently breaking the story, the newest export from the island nation is the Cardboard Theater. うし!!映画だwwww — ちーず (@hrhr_mumu) December 27, 2013 The set-up, designed to deliver a private, movie-watching experience, consists of a large cardboard box, a bit of tape and […]

After your upgrade – Why you should consider electronics recycling

Smart phones. Tablets. Little computers in our watches. Every year seems to bring a new “It” accessory that changes the needs and expectations of its users. While advances in technology give consumers the ability to upgrade to newer, sleeker and more energy-efficient products, what about the models that preceded them? Because of the explosion of […]

Case Study: Disney does AV

In the world of modern audio visuals, Walt Disney World is continually a stand out for the way they incorporate tech better into their performances. Known for their animatronics and very frequent performances, Disney is utilizing every aspect of modern AV, and continually push the envelope with what’s possible. Several of their shows incorporate olfactory […]

Dash Buttons: The Latest from the Internet Of Things

Amazon is working to get items delivered to you with the press of a button. I know what you’re thinking- we’re already doing that online! But this latest innovation works a little differently. Amazon is now working to get “Dash Buttons” in every home. These WiFi-enabled buttons are programmed for one particular item, like the […]

How We See Color

Hey remember “The Dress”? Yeah. That dress. You were either Team White & Gold or Team Blue & Black… or you determined the entire affair was ridiculous. Either way, the debate raises an interesting point that those looking for Audio Visual solutions deal with all the time. How can I get my colors represented accurately? […]

Digital Signage at the Movies

The moving pictures in Harry Potter had many viewers wishing their own memories could come alive, moving before them on a screen. With some of the latest applications of digital signage technologies, this idea is being brought to life in a place where life is already recreated magically – the movies. Cinema Scene Marketing recently […]

The Future of Digital Signage

March is unofficially Digital Signage Month at SCAV in honor of the Digital Signage Expo (starting today!) in Las Vegas. Our team is excited to be there, learning the latest from a quickly evolving industry. Smart technology, like the phones and tablets we cling to, makes the mass adoption of digital signage faster and better. […]

TV or Projector? Which is best for you?

More people are trading their cable subscription for a monthly online streaming plan, but most people still want something larger than a computer or tablet screen to watch on. If all it takes is a wireless streaming system or HDMI cord to enjoy your favorite show, both televisions and projectors will get the job done. […]

Every Call Matters

To many, telephone conversation is a lost art. Long gone are the days of hours spent winding around your kitchen tethered to a wall-mounted unit by an endless twisting cord. Long gone are the days of eagerly awaiting a phone call, and long gone are the days of rushing to be the first person to […]

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