How companies use background music to increase sales

For large retailers like Walmart and Target, very few elements of the customers’ experiences happen by accident. The locations of products on the shelves, the temperature of the building, even the smell of the building — all are finely calibrated to stimulate customer behavior and encourage sales. Perhaps the most basic of these techniques is […]

The science of drive-thrus

There’s only one thing Americans value more than our food — our time. We’re constantly looking for cheap, quick options for our meals, and for this reason millions of us resort to drive-thrus every single day. In fact, the fast food industry (the major players of which enjoy a combined net worth of almost $300 […]

Technology That Manufacturers Must Embrace

  Manufacturing is one of America’s most important industries, accounting for over 12% of the country’s GDP. It’s also a particularly good investment: for every $1 spent, another $1.40 is added to the economy — the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector. Part of the struggle for American manufacturers over the past few decades […]

Adapting your office to the modern workforce

The workplace has changed dramatically in the last decade. As employees increasingly prefer to work from home (80-90% of the US workforce), the role of the office has shifted accordingly. Because most concentrative work can now be done at home, offices must focus more on collaboration and interactivity. Several Fortune 1000 companies are remodeling their […]

InfoComm 2016 – SCAV’s Top Picks

InfoComm 2016 – Another Year of Innovation? Patrick Britton Director of Operations The results are in and InfoComm 2016 was another successful year of education and information for the audiovisual industry.  Corporate Tech Decisions reports that just under 39,000 industry professionals attended the show and a record 1000 companies exhibited products and services.  More than […]

Double down on A\V solutions for your casino

With just over 1500 casinos in the United States, casino gambling revenue totaled a whopping $182.77 billion last year. It’s no surprise an industry of this size employs a complex science of technology, design, and engineering to make sure that number keeps growing. Here are a few areas in which SCAV can help your casino: […]

Pre InfoComm

Every June, tens of thousands of Audio Visual and Communications Technology professionals gather at InfoComm; the AV industry’s largest trade show. This year the show will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada with hundreds of manufacturers demonstrating new and exciting technologies. In addition, industry leading professionals will be teaching workshops and seminars, not simply on […]

Eating Out: Designing a unique dining experience for your customers

We don’t eat at home as much as we used to. In fact, a whopping 58% of Americans admit to dining out at least once a week. As restaurants fight for a piece of their business, they’re forced to improve both (i) the quality of their food, and perhaps more important, (ii) the uniqueness of […]

The ‘Dean Scream’: How a faulty A/V system killed a presidential bid

The year is 2004, and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is the prohibitive favorite to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. He’s received endorsements from prominent celebrities, congressmen, and fellow governors, and by the time of the Iowa caucuses, he has a comfortable lead in the superdelegate count. All is going well. After a […]

Let there be sound!

Our home state of Tennessee has more megachurches (that is, churches with a weekly attendance of 2,000-plus) per capita than any other state. Often called the “Buckle of the Bible Belt,” Tennessee is home to 67 megachurches, behind only California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of LifeWay Research, predicts this number will […]

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