Using the season change to your advantage.

Despite the excitement that pumpkin spice lattes bring to the coming of fall, the most undeniably exciting season change is when winter turns to spring. Our bodies have a physical reaction to extra sunlight. Our moods change, and our interests go soaring back outside of our cubicles and living rooms. We’re more open to seeing […]

What We Learned from 2017’s Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

Why are Super Bowl commercials such a big deal to marketers? Because they’re incredibly expensive. A 30-second spot in 2016 cost $5 million dollars. That’s $166,666 per second.   Because of that expense, every 30 seconds represents the world’s top marketers’ best shots at targeting a massive, content-saturated audience—for this day only, comprised of more […]

Protecting Your A/V System

No matter where you are in the country, January brings unpredictable weather. Have you made sure that your A/V systems can stand up to the challenge of power outages or electrical currents that result from fallen power lines? Luckily, there are a couple of small changes you can take to prevent your expensive equipment from […]

A/V Trends for 2017

Are you paying attention to trends in popular culture, media, advertising, and art? If you’re not, you could be missing important clues to how your target audience is communicating—yes, verbally, but also visually. One of media’s biggest imagery powerhouses, Getty Images, has released its predictions for visual trends in 2017, which include some tools that […]

They resolved to finally achieve their business goals. Here’s how they did it!

Are you resolving to reach newer, bigger business goals than ever before? Our specialty is perfecting the details that make a world of difference. Read on to learn how these clients made the decision to make their business better by letting us perfect those small details for them. Encore Productions: Las Vegas, Nevada Jim Lordon, […]

How to win the holiday shopper at every stage

As retailers know, customers will shop until the very last minute before stores close on Christmas eve to find their perfect gift! Are you making sure that the environment you create encourages spending for the leisurely shoppers AND the rushed shoppers? Get inside the heads of your shoppers at every stage, so that you can […]

Yes, even your church needs an A\V makeover

With Christmas just a month away, thousands of Americans are preparing to go to Church for the first time since Easter (much to their parents’ chagrin). While our home state of Tennessee has more megachurches per capita than any other state, the average congregation in this country is still a humble 186. Many of these […]

Let’s take a look at some of TV and film’s greatest speeches

“They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!” It’s the signature line from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, and perhaps one of the more iconic moments in all of television or film. If you’ve seen the movie, it shouldn’t surprise you that William Wallace’s “Freedom” speech is widely considered the greatest movie speech […]

The future of virtual reality in the workplace

Have you tried a virtual reality headset yet? It’s fair to say VR is one of the coolest, most exciting developments in recent memory. It has endless applications for gaming, entertainment, and even the modern workplace. As the technology becomes more affordable to businesses of every size, expect to see VR usage grow exponentially in […]

Here’s how healthcare organizations can use technology to better serve their patients

Earlier this year, we argued that perhaps no other industry has benefitted from new technology more than education. Audio-visual tools are allowing teachers and students to visualize data, create interactive maps and graphs, and use real-time information. But the healthcare industry — one of the largest and fastest growing in the country — has also […]

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