Let there be sound!

Our home state of Tennessee has more megachurches (that is, churches with a weekly attendance of 2,000-plus) per capita than any other state. Often called the “Buckle of the Bible Belt,” Tennessee is home to 67 megachurches, behind only California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of LifeWay Research, predicts this number will […]

The Evolution of the Classroom Projector

Recent advances in technology have benefitted nearly every aspect of American life — perhaps none more than education. Technology can enhance learning and academic achievement, both inside and outside the classroom, and allow educators to develop more meaningful, more engaging curricula than ever before. The most basic form of classroom technology is the projector, namely […]

Prevent employee theft with CCTV

A few months ago, a Walmart in Rogersville, TN, caught an employee stealing video games from the electronics department. The thief was seen, on camera, stealing the games in a secure, employee-only area of the store. When approached with video evidence, he admitted to stealing nearly $1,400 worth of games and even returning some of […]

Waiting room TVs: How to properly utilize your customers’ boredom

Americans are busier than they’ve ever been. Work, school, practices, recitals — we’re constantly running around from one thing to another. But ironically we still spend a considerable amount of time waiting. A study from Harvard Medical School estimates that we wait, on average, 64 minutes to see our doctor. The actual face-to-face, doctor-patient interaction […]

Touchscreens and Holograms: How News Networks Use Technology on Election Night

“I want you to watch what we’re about to do,” CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer warned his audience, “because you’ve never seen anything like this on television.”[1] On November 4, 2008, just hours before America elected its first African-American president, CNN reached a milestone of its own. For the first time in the history of live […]

The Aroma of your Brand–Scent Marketing for the New Age

  Last year, a small McDonald’s restaurant in Queens, NY, faced an unusual problem — its customers weren’t leaving. A group of elderly Korean immigrants were entering the store as early as 5 a.m., purchasing a few items, and then lingering around until after dark. This became an issue especially during peak hours (11am – […]

Top Trends in AudioVisual for 2016

As part of our business, we believe in becoming partners and advocates for our clients, and an essential part of that is knowing what the next big thing will be. We’re always on the lookout for things that our clients want, as well as things they don’t know they want yet, so that we can […]

Most Shared Commercials of 2015

As experts in digital signage, we know a lot about properly displaying advertisements, and 2015 was a banner year for creative and engaging ads. With a focus on beautifully crafted images and compelling storytelling, this year has some of the most varied advertising we’ve seen. From the funniest :30 to the most heartwarming :60, these […]

Race Tech Behind Turkey Trots

Have you been training for your neighborhood’s annual Turkey Trot? On race day, you’ll run along the course, crisp air biting your nose, and once you cross the finish line you’ll be ready for Thanksgiving dinner! If you’ve run larger races, you’ll notice certain things your neighborhood race may not have. Larger races have medals, […]

3 Reasons you should use Videoconferencing Tech

Video conferencing has long been thought of as the technology of the big guys negotiating mergers and acquisitions, not something that the average business could afford or make use of. However, technological advances and a changing business landscape are making video conferencing not only a viable solution for businesses of any size but a necessity. […]

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